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Give a Book to a Child is a project dedicated to relocate books that are not needed anymore and finding them a new home by identifying places such as schools, libraries, or low income families in need of books for children between 5 and 16 years old, avoiding waste and helping communities in need. We currently serve the New York City area and also the rural areas of Rio Grande, Brazil.


2015 - Give a Book to a Child was created to help children learning English by filling schools and community libraries located in rural areas with books. During 2015 and 2017 the project was able to help communities in rural areas in Brazil and also in the suburbs of Newark, NJ.

2019 - The project moved to New York City and was relaunched with the goal of continuing promoting literacy but on a broader way, not only covering English learning in rural schools, but also focusing on promoting literature for children between 5 and 16 years old who live in the suburbs of the Big Apple.

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Why did I create this project?

I had the idea to create Give a Book to a Child after volunteering for a library in New York and noticing the importance of reading for the youth in disadvantaged areas of the city. I also noticed an enormous number of books being disposed in the garbage, and going straight to the landfills, most of them in great condition.

"What is garbage for some, is a pile of gold to others."

I studied in public schools in the suburbs of southern Brazil, and I remember of my school having trouble to get books and other materials for our classes. When I saw so many books being wasted I thought they could be a wonderful help in schools and libraries over there, then I got my laptop, a piece of paper, and designed a project to collect and send books to these places in need, not only in my hometown, but also to other places abroad or in the U.S.

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Computers and internet are revolutionizing the World, but still many people and schools don’t have money to buy a computer, and many areas don’t have access to internet yet. Books are still the easiest and the cheapest way to help these children improve their education, break language barriers, discover new paths, travel in magical stories, and open doors to their futures. Also many people cannot help with money or technical assistance for a more complex project, but each of you probably can help with a book that you bought a while ago and don’t need anymore, that's why I thought this project could be useful for everybody as a way to relocate books to new houses where they would continued to be kept in good hands and still illuminating peoples' minds.

About me

My name is Luiz, I’m originally from Brazil, and I have been living in the U.S since 2011. Over these years I worked as a volunteer for NGOs, where I learned values and changed my views about the World. Sharing experiences and helping people along these years made me believe that I had not only to give something back to the community where I live right now, but also to the one where I come from, and perhaps to others that I never been. Education is the most important tool to build a peaceful World and a bright future for everybody. Books inspire, enlighten our minds and warm our hearts with the best humanity has: it's infinite creativity!

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